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Tiny Home Receives Big Award

Eco Cabins takes home People’s Choice Award from 2014 Parade of Homes

This year’s 2014 Parade of Homes took no prisoners featuring glamorously built model homes ranging from below $300,000 up to $2.4 million!

Whether it’s the fact that a home has a marvelous atrium that features a two-story waterfall that awes parade goers with its architectural brilliance or the fact that parts of a model are intricately stitched with the very pine wood derived from the Black Forest Fire; the model that takes home the Parade of Homes’ People Choice Award is usually an unpredictable honor to attain due to the continuously heightened level of competition.

But among all the seemingly unbeatable “goliaths” lies one “tiny” contender. EcoCabins, LLC took home this year’s coveted People’s Choice Award in the under $300,000 category with their seemingly out-of-the-box model that aimed to shake things up a bit. Their entry featured a 390 square foot model for only $60K! They were the “new kid on the block” that allowed for parade goers to ditch their shoe-booties at the door and trek through their vacation home with family, friends, and even dogs!

The attention proved to be surreal and quite the talk-of-the-Parade, as well as the county! Many parade goers were quoted to say, “We came just to see the EcoCabin!”, “Oh my gosh, I could totally do this!” or “this is what I’ve needed all these years!”

The Tiny Home Movement has been sweeping across the nation with documentaries like Tiny”, new television shows like “Tiny House Nation” on the A&E Network and features in Time Magazine last month. This year’s 60th Annual Parade of Homes will mark the first-time a “tiny home” has ever been featured nationwide. EcoCabins founder, Darin Zaruba notes that “the tiny home movement has been around for longer than people think. What is getting attention now is the extreme of the industry, and there are actually practical applications available today for a lot less than people think, and without any of the labor!”

Eco Cabins, LLC founder Darin Zaruba is a local Colorado Springs entrepreneur who has proven to have a successful track-record in real-estate and business development for over 2 decades. EcoCabins offers factory-built homes for the fraction of the price of high-end RV’s and are better options than time shares. Due to the fact that they are built in factories all over the nation, they have capabilities to ship anywhere in the US. The Parade Model is available for viewing through the end of October at the Western Mining Museum just North of Bass Pro Shops. 255 North Gate Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO, 80921

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