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Omega Mod Group coming to Neosho

A company coming to a Southwest Missouri city could create hundreds of jobs for the community.

The Colorado-based tiny homes company, Omega Mod Group, is coming to Neosho.

“It’s a big move for us. We picked Neosho over a lot of different cities and what we’ve put in here has as of yet to be determined,” says Darren Zaruba, OMG CEO.

“Well obviously we’re happy to have a new business in town; a multi-faceted business. One that will have many types of businesses in it,” says Michael Franks, Neosho Grows CEO.

The business will also be working in conjunction with Crowder College.

“We’re going to actually teach some classes there, I understand. We can get some interns from there and really feed some people into some jobs that we’ll have coming here,” says Darren Zaruba.

The biggest reason Neosho can look forward to OMG is simple.

“Jobs, primarily. It’s going to bring some jobs back to the economy. We understand this plant closed down eight months ago, this chicken plant. So, we’re going to be looking for people to see as we look to see what we’re going to do here and as we ramp up,” says Darren Zaruba.

“We’re glad to have those jobs and their goal ultimately is to have at least 300 employees here in Neosho. We’re very happy to welcome this new firm to Neosho and thank them for helping to grow Neosho,” says Michael Franks.

OMG will open in 60 to 90 days just north of the Neosho square.

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