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Become A Broker / Owner


Wanderlust Housing is our own in-house “Brand Built System” with expanding product line we are developing, and expanding  throughout the nation.  Want to become a builder/developer, without 75% of the hassle?  It might be best to collaborate with us as a broker/owner (or sales affiliate) of WanderLust Housing!


OMG! works behind the scenes as the private-label manufacturer of product, and offers other full-services to assist WanderLust in its goals. Working with the national WanderLust brand utilizing our marketing, plans, designs, and systems, means your team simply handles sales and coordination by handling the end client.  Collaborate with us; take the glory, while we do the heavy lifting from design to marketing at our headquarters!  It is simply the easiest way to become a reputable finished product provider in a given territory.





  • We operate on a simple licensing agreement for a given territory. The buy-in is simple formula
  • Exclusive territories given by County
  • $15,000 marketing / training setup investment – includes training at corporate for 4 people, 1 week, and a full marketing quick start package.
  • Additional Licensing Fee = $3% of the county population base (Example, Travis County in Austin = 1M people, = $30,000)
  • Profit Splits ongoing from Wholesale to Retail markup = 85% Net Profits to Broker/Owner ($500 Transaction Fee, plus 15% of Net Profit as Licensee Fee to WanderLust Corporate)


It’s pretty simple, if you succeed so do we!  WanderLust makes it a simple success story.


  • Maintain a minimum production level (varies per territory, not as much as you might think)
  • Have minimum of one showable model or kiosk in stock, replaceable every two years.
  • Have a basic office location; simple commercial address and presence.
  • Operate on our VOIP phone system, for extension simple dialing.
  • Maintain all the requisite construction, sales and modular licenses appropriate for your state and territory.
  • Have a working knowledge of all of the zoning and building laws and codes appropriate for your state and territory.
  • Maintain good-standing status as a builder appropriate for your state and territory.
  • Maintain a quality brand, logo, branding standards, marketing package and up-to-date website.
  • Carry a builders warranty on the products.


There are major benefits in joining an experienced , motivated and already successful team.  Be a part of a unique success story that will be sweeping the nation, while changing how housing and developments are done.


  • Exclusive Territory: by county for location, but can sell anywhere in the nation we are licensed.
  • Existing Systems: The platform and systems in place for marketing, sales, forms, rep splits, resources, etc.
  • Legal & Accounting: Wanderlust corporate takes care of regulations/accounting
  • Plans & Designs: WanderLust unique branded plans and designs, evolving and growing always nationwide. Ability to design and build your own unique products through manufacturing facilities.
  • National Advertising: WanderLust website access, use and listing.  Unique page for broker/owner.  Access to events and preferred space for local events.
  • Production Facility:  Preferred Queue Access
  • Call Center:  VOIP phone system, inbound calls, extension dialing, and referrals based on closest territory.
  • Wholesale Discounts:  Through other affiliate services and offerings like events, marketing, supplies, design, etc.
  • Product Lines: Access to other dealer product lines (Mobile Homes, Skoolies, Yurts, etc.)
  • Wholesale Commissions: for sales that go direct to wholesale to Manufacturing facility. (otherwise – lost sales)


We are always looking for qualified sales reps in the regions in which we operate, full or part-time.  We work off of a simple and lucrative profit split system, with management and override potentials.


Contact us for a no-obligation discussion!