Strategic Location - Omega Mod Group
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Strategic Location

OMG! recently relocated our corporate headquarters to Neosho, MO.  We acquired a 6-acre, multi-building, 125,000 square foot floor complex to service the growing demand of products.  We are located in the heart of the transportation and trucking hub of the nation.  From here, we can easily service the entire country from coast to coast.  Our complex is also strategically located next to a rail spur for Missouri Southern, Kansas City Southern, Union Pacific and BNSF among others, to facilitate national rail transport where appropriate.


Currently we are certified in the following states for IRC, ANSI, and IBC code builds:


Alabama  |  Arizona  |  Arkansas  |  Colorado  |  Georgia  |  Kansas  |  Kentucky  |  Louisiana  |  Missouri  |  Montana  |  New Mexico  |  Oklahoma  |  Oregon  |  South Dakota  |  Tennessee  |  Texas  |  Utah  |  Washington  |  Wyoming


As we expand our operations, and get new partners, we will be operational in all states we do business.